What we do

Mechanical engineering and industrial design

We are a group of engineers, designers and technical specialists who believe in the strong impact of their work. We want to enhance ideas and make them into beautiful, functional, timeless products. We believe in good design practices, in the essential contribution of technology and in the indispensable
help of marketing.

We are a dynamic firm of design and engineering: we help forward-thinking companies develop their products. Every day we work with the top of the range technology and we commit to innovate and improve
the quality of our projects.

Mechanical engineering is our flagship: over time our team has specialised in the design of special machinery, industrial automation as well as heavy carpentry.

We address small and large companies in Italy and in the world: our task will be to develop your products faster, with less risk and
with greater profit.

What we provide customers is a real competitive edge through design and
mechanical engineering.


Years in the field





Latest projects

2D Drawings / 3D modeling / Analysis / Design / Metallic structure, vessels and piping