What we believe in

Our mission: design, enhance, evolve.

Stem was founded by the mechanical engineer Marco Lamperti in 2009, during one of the most difficult time of worldwide economy: he was conscious of his experience and then convinced that the solution could be researching new ways to innovate and grow.

Stem was born from a vision of a company that is strength lies in its ability to innovate and evolve: the word “stem” indicates a specific kind of cells, the stem cells, but it is also a verb (to stem) that broadens the meaning of growth.

The aspect of stems cells that really struck us was the self-renewal and so we decided to start from that idea. Stem cells have the unique ability to renew and differentiate themselves, becoming something new and functional according to that is really necessary and useful.

So we brought together architecture, mechanical engineering, and industrial design, and it has been a great journey since then. Our firm was born from this idea and from a precise will: that of being innovators who design and create useful machines and objects that improve people’s lives.

We are a group of engineers, designers and
architects who believe in their work

Vladislav Tsvetkov

Senior Engineer

Nikolay Milenkov

Project Engineer

Teodora Todorova


Georgi Vladichki

Project Engineer

Konstantin Radkovski

Project Engineer

Silvester Bojerikov

Project Engineer

Madlena Tsvetkova